Kathy Marotta

"Fortunately for us and for Lucy, Gary is amazing with dogs. He is patient and his love for these animals not only makes him an effective trainer, but the dogs sense it as well. The respect for him is unbelievable. We made a promise to Lucy when we adopted her. We promised we would save her life. With Gary’s help, we were able to do that. 

Today, a year later, Lucy is a loving, sweet, funny little dog... a member of the family, who knows her place in the pack. She is obedient and loving. It is hard to believe that the dog that couldn’t be touched is now a dog that thrives on affection. We have Gary Adams to thank for that. We highly recommend his services! He’s “Dog’s Best Friend!” 

Sincerely, Kathy Marotta

Mark and Isabel Wagner Austell, Georgia

“We started training our 6 week-old German shepherd, Thor, with Gary Adams in 2006. The whole process lasted over a year and it has proven to be worth every penny! 

Essentially, Gary trained us humans to understand the dog’s signals and behave in our role of pack leader. He demonstrates the techniques and then patiently makes one repeat until the execution is consistent and gets the desired reaction from the dog. 

Our pack consists of 3 dogs and 2 people. Gary not only helped us train the puppy but also showed us how to make the older dogs behave better. We can now take a trip to the state park and have all three dogs behave and enjoy the walks. Thor also learned to go out on a double kayak with one of us. He loves the water and gliding through it on the kayak calmly, even when ducks are around! 

Not everything is perfect but we know how to train the dogs and they are always willing to learn new things. Thanks to Gary the dogs learned how to learn and we humans learned how to focus and repeat until they do. 

Clearly, we strongly recommend Gary as a trainer and consider the money well spent!” 

Mark and Isabel Wagner Austell, Georgia 

atherine and Scott Thompson - Atlanta, Georgia

"Gary has made a significant impact on our dog Jackson’s behavior. He is an excellent trainer and has a unique ability to explain why “rules, limitations and boundaries” are so important for the dogs we love."

Sincerely, Catherine and Scott Thompson - Atlanta, Georgia 

Shane and Lynne Coldren - Vinings, Georgia

"We were desperate to find a solution for a rescue with many undesirable issues including severe dog aggression. After trying several trainers and throwing hundreds of dollars away Gary Adams has been the only trainer to map out a plan for success. Gary’s commitment to his clients and his craft is unrivaled - he is amazing! If you’re having issues with your dog, any issue at all, Gary is the trainer to call for help."

Sincerely, Shane and Lynne Coldren - Vinings, Georgia.