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Your dog’s training and care will be entrusted to ex-police dog trainer and certified dog lover, Gary Adams. Gary’s passion for dogs started when he was just 5 years old. Ironically, it started after he was bitten by a grey, shaggy, medium sized dog known as Wags. The bite required nine stitches and left a scar that he still bears today. Instinctively knowing it wasn’t the dog’s fault, he passionately and successfully pleaded for Wag’s life while still in the hospital. Then, the dreams of a career working with animals began. 

Reliable and Trustworthy



After playing four years of college football and considering many different paths, Gary was drawn back to his first love, dogs. He acquired his first pack member, a Rottweiler he called Maverick. In 1992, he and Maverick enrolled in West Virginia Canine College, the only accredited dog training school in the nation. West Virginia Canine College is where Gary changed his dreams into reality. He studied basic and advanced dog training, completed a course in police service dog training, animal husbandry, and kennel management just to name a few. Rising quickly to the top of his class, he was offered an opportunity to remain at the college as a dog trainer and instructor upon graduation. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed



Gary has developed a strong reputation for his skill and innate ability to enhance communication between dogs and pet parents. His common sense approach not only transforms dogs into better followers but also teaches pet parents to be more effective pack leaders. His natural ability to establish pack order lays the foundation for a happier balanced dog, and ultimately a happier home for you and your dog. 

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